Party with the Ice Princesses

Posted By on March 26, 2015

The Princesses of Frost-Burn were getting ready for their eighteenth birthday party, Melinda and Miranda Rose was twin princesses, each having long, dirty blond curly hair and deep, blue eyes. Melinda was known for her book smarts, and Miranda was known for her wild adventures, another reason why the people of Frost-Burn loved them, and not only because they were the daughters of a very powerful king.

Melinda was in her room, styling her hair into a fishtail braid. She had her light blue gown on, and her makeup wasn’t to heavy. She decided that she would wear the necklace that her mother had given to her before she passed on to the next life. ‘Oh, Mother, how I miss you.’ She thought to herself and sighed. “No, that is all wrong! The main course goes over here, and the cakes go over there!” She could here Miranda yelling at the staff. She sighed once again.

While she was more entertained with her studies, Miranda was more into parties. Meanwhile, Miranda found another reason to yell at the maids. “And why has the carpet at the entrance been beaten!” The short, round maid flinched from the yelling. ‘We have beaten it, your Highness.” She spoke in fear. “If it was already beaten, then why does it still have dust on it and around it?” Miranda questioned. “Go fix it! Everything has to be perfect for tonight!” The maid ran to go and take care of the carpet. Miranda brought her right hand up to her head and held her head as she got a headache and pushed her side-bangs back. ‘I do not understand why they think the palace is clean when there is obviously a lot of dust everywhere!’ She thought in frustration. She fixed her French braid and straightened out her lavender colored gown and went to get her sister.

When the party had begun, all of the villagers were excited to go to an event titled as “Party with the Ice Princesses”. While Melinda greeted everyone and wished them a good evening, Miranda went around and stirred up a storm about the latest news in the gossip category, stirring up a bit about her sister. When Melinda has heard what her sister had said about her, she would not speak with her again. Whenever they were around each other, she would ignore her sister. Eventually, they became mad towards each other. The villagers left, thinking it was a real Party with Ice Princesses.

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